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The Czech Republic represents the heart of Europe. Thanks to the new political environment, the number of foreign visitors to the Czech Republic has increased dramatically in the recent years, and many of them return to the Czech republic after their first visit in order to discover all the beauties the Czech Republic has to offer. Its main attraction is the large number, variety and easy accessibility of cultural, historical and natural places of interest that are concentrated on quite a small area. Therefore, Prague has become the most visited city in the world. Guests also find other parts of Bohemia and Moravia, which do have a lot to offer, attractive. All these places have a adequate level of accommodation and eating facilities. Czech Republic is a country of short distances, which has excellent road and railway connections with neighbouring countries. In Prague there is an international airport.

The Czech Republic has 10,5 million of inhabitants. The country is situated in the centre of Europe between the 48th and 51st degree of the northern latitude and the 12th and 19th degree of the eastern latitude.

The territory of Bohemia and Moravia covers 78,864km2.

It has mutual borders with four countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.

The climate of the country is mild and typical for Central European region with 4 years period. The temperatures in winter are around 0C /32 F/ and in summer are around 17C /63 F/.

The Central European Time (CET = GMT+1) is valid in the Czech Republic and, from the end of March until end of September, summer time is set.

The monetary unit in the Czech Republic is one Czech crown that is divided into 100 hollers. Banknotes in the value of 5,000, 2,000,500, 200, 100 and 50 Czech crowns, and coins in the value of 50, 20 , 10, 5, 2 and 1 Czech crowns and 50 hollers are in circulation.