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Do you want to motivate your employees? Do you want to retain your best clients? Do you want to increase team cooperation?

If your answer is YES than A2M team is the right direction.

No matter what the event or the occasion, we will always find a surprising and tailor-made solution. By choosing us you are ensuring that your meeting, conference or convention will be professionally managed from the beginning to the end.

A2M team objective is to make sure your program succeeds in every way.


Your staff has to receive something special for the special services provided to the company. We will work with you to fulfill the aim and the meaning of incentives at rewarding and motivating your participants. Offering the highest level of personal services is essential for us. With our in-depth knowledge of the field, many years of experience in organizing programs and creativity, the key-word when working with A2M team is 'customized'.

We can assure you that your employees will be rewarded with a memorable experience that will motivate them to exceed expectations.

Conferences & Corporate Meetings

Accuracy and professionalism are the absolute prerequisites for a successful meeting. Even the smallest detail has to be thought of, this is the only way a business meeting can result in a tremendous experience.

A2M team can create and execute all sizes of corporate events, ranging from a selection of VIP executives to thousands of participants. For our clients we have successfully managed Annual General Meetings, Customer Recognition Events, Industry Conventions, Product Launches, Sales Conferences, Themed Events and much more.

Gain experience and save it for the future!


Do you want to discover the reactions of your employees, their personalities, communication skills, strengths or weaknesses while acting in team? Teambuilding is perfectly simulating all the difficulties that individuals are now required to move between working with many different groups of people in their professional and also personal lives as well as showing us our present behavior patterns.

Together we have to cope with extraordinary situations. Team spirit is the magical ingredient. Emotional events promote both communication and corporate identity. Planning and handling of teambuilding mechanisms require creativity and ability to improvise.

If you want to pass through this extraordinary experience you do not have to be afraid. The proffesional staff of A2M team remains behind the scenes while ensuring that everything runs according to the plan.